OpenDb 1.0.4pl2 Installation

Pre Installation

Have you backed up?

OpenDb installer is about to make changes to your database, and although in almost all cases there will be no issues, there is always the remote possibility that a failed upgrade would leave your database in an inconsistent state. You should always perform (at the very least) a PHPMyAdmin Database Export or OpenDb Backup (of all tables) before running the installer.

PHP Settings

PHP Version: 5.2.13
Safe Mode: off
Max Execution Time: 600
Register Globals: off
File Uploads: on

OpenDb Database Configuration

The following are the database connection details configured in the ./include/local.config.php. If you would like to force the installer to have the details re-entered, please delete or rename the ./include/local.config.php file.

MySQL Database Hostname:localhost
MySQL Database Name:sannata_oldpc
MySQL User Name:sannata
Table Prefix:(none)

OpenDb Database User Privileges

The following table lists selected user privileges that may cause issues in OpenDb, not all privileges are listed for the moment, only known problematic ones.